Italy: alive and kicking

Luglio 2020
Di Redazione

Italy is healed. Italians are proud of it. A New Reinassance is yet to come. Let's be clear: Italy and Italians made it. Proving once again that Italian boot is historically able to renew itself and kick. Covid19 emergency has strongly hit the beautiful Peninsula, leavin on the ground almost 35,000 dead. But after 4 months Italy's back.

In the global perception and thanks to international media coverage, Italy after China has been identified such as one of the most contagious place in the world. Nowadays this is a misperception: United States, Brasil, India, United Kingdom (just to make some examples) have largely overtaken Italy in terms of number of cases, losses and infection curves. Less than 100 people are since more than a week receiving intensive cares due to Covid19 pandemic. 

Italy is now relaunching. Coronavirus is yet to be defeaed, but it's now almost dying in the Peninsula. This is proven by the fact that since days the new very limited hotbeds are registered only in groups of foreigners such as Bangladesh people flying from Qatar or Africans trying to save their lives from war environments such as Libya docking in Calabria region. All these potential emergency are dealt with care but following strong rules and protocols that have proven to be a real success.

Italy owns now a brilliant future in its hands. It has been wordlwide considered a model in handling the Covid19 emergency and it's directly involved in the vaccine development through several companies and partnership. It's not anymore the Country of heritage, culture, history, tourism. It's not anymore a matter of crowded beautiful cities (Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan). Italy's is no longer mirroring. That mirror is already projecting a new brighter light elsewhere, abroad. 

Italy will held G20 Presidency in 2021 after Saudi Arabia, will host golf Ryder Cup in 2023 (postponed but confirmed) and Winter Olympics Games in 2026 (Milano-Cortina). Just to mention three international occasions.

It's now your turn to bet on Italy and Italians. Either you are a smart investor, a curious tourist or just and Italy's passionate, please consider Italy and Italians the cradle for the post-Covid19 New World.

With love



Paolo Bozzacchi





Photo credits: The Independent





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